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Handcrafted Quality – made in Europe

Fervor has been making outstanding cycling wear with the quality guarantee ‘Made in Europe’ since 2007.
In many languages, fervor literally translates as passion, zeal, ardour, fire, intensity. No other word describes our affinity with cycle sport, cycle culture and the great outdoors so well. No other sport is as emotional, requests such passion and enormous endurance.

Just think of the giants of cycle sport, the famous spring classics, the agonizing struggle against crosswinds and the teeth-rattling ride over impassable cobblestones in the hellish North. Think of the long tours, the merciless battle against heat, pain and the physical forces of the earth, the daily battle with yourself. Think of the incredible speeds that the ingenious machine we call the bicycle can reach so powerfully yet elegantly when racing against the clock in individual time trials. Think of all the hours spent in training in heat, cold, wind, rain, ice, snow and other forces of nature.

Think of all the moments in which you ask yourself:
Why am I actually doing this?
The answer is simple:
Because cycling is my passion!

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    Handmade in E.U.

    Wir kennen unsere Näherinnen noch persönlich und setzen auf Qualität und Motivation durch faires Miteinander.

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    Der Spa-Treatment-Service bietet schnelle und kostengünstige Reparatur von beschädigten Artikeln.

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    Kleine Stückzahlen

    Selbst Einzelanfertigungen werden vom Entwurf bis zur Auslieferung persönlich betreut.

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    Rohstoff Qualität

    Unsere Rohstoffe kommen aus Italien und Portugal, wir verzichten auf die Verarbeitung von minderwertigen Rohstoffe aus Fernost.

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    Individuelle Designs

    Fervor fertigt Radsport-Teambekleidung frei nach Ihren Wünschen und ohne zusätzliche Kosten.

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    Mainstreams are overrated!

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